The Laborers’ Local 42 Mission

Local 42 is united through collective bargaining agreements to help workers earn fair pay, good benefits, safe workplaces and the opportunity for advancement and better lives for their families.


No matter what we grieve or negotiate, whether it’s wages, holidays, sick leave, pension, or medical insurance, the most important aspect of your job is that you go home every day the same way you came to work. While we can negotiate or re-negotiate all of your terms and conditions of employment, we cannot re-negotiate a lost finger, eye, or heaven forbid, a fatality.


``Right-to-Work`` laws have nothing to do with providing rights or work. We are dedicated to collecting signatures to put the repeal of “right-to-work” on the ballot in 2018. “Right-to-Work” laws make it harder for middle class families to protect their wages and job security and take away their voice in the workplace. RTW laws have nothing to do with providing rights or work.


Far from saving taxpayers money, repealing the Davis-Bacon Act and state prevailing wage laws lowers the quality of projects, leading to costly delays, repairs, and even re-dos down the line, leaving taxpayers holding the bag. Lowering these wages also dries up local and state tax revenue, creating a race to the bottom that benefits no one.

Business Manager Brandon Flinn

“Laborers Local 42 has a longstanding tradition of fighting for our members and the middle-class. Unions are the last stand in building a strong middle-class against greedy CEOs.”

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