Local 42 Member Profile: Valyn Emsweller

Local 42 Member Profile: Valyn Emsweller

Meet Valyn Emsweller, a member of Laborers’ Local 42 from Walnut Park in St. Louis City. Valyn chose to become a laborer over a year ago at a job fair. “I went to a job fair at Local 42, which is now my local, and I patiently and hungrily went around to every table trying to get as much information as I could and ask as many questions as I could,” Valyn stated,  “Josh happened to be my last table and he said to me “I watched you go to every table. I want you. If you can drive an hour and a half to meet me, you got it.” I figured all I could do was try and the worst that could happen is someone saying no.” Since then Valyn hasn’t looked back. 


When asked what it meant for her to be a union laborer she said, “The benefits of the union are the most important thing to me. From the wages to the health care benefits, right down to my brothers and sisters in the union,” she continued stating, “The union gives me a sense of security and also a pride that I’ve never really had before. You’re constantly being looked out for and taken care of. Family!” 


“Ask questions, pay attention, be you, and try,” Valyn stated when asked what advice would she give to someone starting training to become a laborer, “Eventually it will fall into place no matter what negativity your mind may try to create for you.”


We want to thank Valyn for all her hard work. To learn more about the laborers union or to register for training visit: Laborers-HighHill.org. 


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